US launches cruise missiles on Syrian airbase

Syrian army denounces ‘aggression’ after US launches nearly 60 missile strikes following suspected gas attack in Idlib.


The United States on Friday fired dozens of cruise missiles at a government-controlled airbase in Syria, in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town that killed scores of civilians.
The Pentagon said 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired from two warships in the Mediterranean at the Shayrat airfield in Homs province, targeting the base from where US officials believe Tuesday’s attack in Khan Sheikhoun had been launched.

At least six people were killed in the early morning strike, according to the Syrian army, which denounced the US “aggression” as a violation of international law.

In a statement carried by the state-run SANA news agency and read on television, the military said the US strikes were done on a “pretext” of the Khan Sheikhoun attack, without the full facts being disclosed.
It also said the attack, which caused extensive damage to the base, made the US a partner of “terrorist groups”.
Syria’s state-news agency SANA gave a death toll of nine civilians, including four children.

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